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Thank You to Burton Elementary School 4th graders

Online remote learning can be tough.  So fourth grade teacher Ashley McMillan introduced her students to Passion Projects. Passion Projects are just that, projects you are passionate about.  Well the students decided they were passionate about the environment and helping all of the families affected by the #SQF Complex Fire.

Soon the students were asking about doing a community event and with Teacher McMillan’s guidance they organized a recycling and evacuees donation drive-thru which was held in the Burton Elementary Parking lot on Saturday, October 3rd, following social distancing and safe practices too.

The stations were run by the fourth graders and community members drove up, dropped off and thanked the youngsters for their efforts.

“The students did all of the work.  I just had to take our plan to the administration to get it approved and make sure everyone was safe,” said Teacher McMillan.  “They decided to add collecting recyclables to the event because they wanted to help the environment and donate the money earned to the fire victims.”

Donations were taken to the Lighthouse Chapel in Springville which has become a community help center for evacuees offering food, clothing, household items and support.

Although you couldn’t see their smiles behind the masks, the fourth graders were quite happy about the results of their own personal Passion Project.   Just another example of why Porterville can be proud of our youth and community.